HAU 6Year and PAU AAT Entrance most important Mcq


101.Sulphur, containing amino acid is –
A. Cystine B. Valine C. Isolucine D. None of these Ans-A

102 Thermophilic micro-organism grow well at temperature–
A. 20°C – 40°C B. 10°C – 20°C C. 5°C – 7°C D. 50°C – 60°C Ans-D

103 Blind hoeing is recommended for –
A. Maize B. Wheat C. Sugarcan D. Groundnut Ans-D

104 Whiptail is a disorder of cauliflower due to deficiency of –
A. Boron B. Zinc C. Potassium D. Molybdenum Ans-D

105 Numbers of agro-climate and ecological zones classified by ICAR respectively are –
A. 131,8 B. 15,131 C. 21,15 D. 8,131 Ans-B

106 Glycolysis occurs only in the–
A. Presence of O2 B. Absence of O2 C. Both (A) and (B) D.None of these Ans-B

107 Pink bollworm is a pest of –
A. Okra B. Gram C.Cotton D.Mustard Ans-C

108 KisanMitra is an employee of
A. Corporation B. Central Govt C. State Govt. D. None of these Ans-C

109 The red color of tomatoes is due to the presence of-
A. Lycopene B. Carotene C. Xanthomonas D. Anthocyanin Ans-A

110 The Green Revolution has mainly been successful for–
A .Rice B.Wheat C. Gram D.Maize Ans-B

111 Photorespiration is inhibited by
A.α-hydroxysulphonates B. 2, 4-Dinitrophenol C. CMU and DCMU D. None of these Ans-C

112 The croppping intensity of maize-potato-tobacco is –
A. 100% B. 200% C. 300% D. None of these Ans-C

113. Red Delicious is a variety of –
A. Papaya B. Mango C. Guava D. Apple Ans-D

114 Mastitis is a disease of which organ?
A. Lung B. Uternus C. Heart D.Udder Ans-D

115. Guttation occurs in plants through –
A. Hydathodes B.Stomata C.Both (A) and (B) D None of these Ans-C

116 Biofertilizers are –
A. Culture of micro-organism B. Organic manuresC. Green manure D. None of these Ans-A

117 National Sugar Institute (N.S.I.) is located at—
A. Varanasi B. Kanpur C. New Delhi D. Lucknow Ans-B

118 The number of essential mineral elements of plant is –
A. 13 B.16 C. 20 D. 21 Ans-B

119 Colostrum should be fed to newborn calves for –
A.10 day B. 1/2 day C. 1 day D. 4 day Ans-A

120 Stomata open at night in –
A. CAM plants B. C4 plants C. C3 plants D. None of these Ans-A

121 ‘Chanchal’ is a variety of –
A. Tomato B. Brinjal C. Capcicum D. chlli Ans-D

122 Khaira disease of rice can be controlled by spraying –
A. Calcium sulphate B. Copper sulphate C. Borax D.Zinc sulphate Ans-D

123 Sulphur-coated Urea contains N –
A. 21% B. 26% C. 33% D. 40% Ans-C

124 Toda is breed of –
A. Sheep B. Cattle C. Goat D.Buffalo Ans-D

125 Living Cells are not essential for–
A. Evaporation B. Transpiration C. Guttation D. All of these Ans-C

126 Central Soil Salinity Research Institute is located at –
A. Bihar B.Karnal C. Jodhpur D. Dehradun Ans-B

127 Which one of the following can be suitable for cropping as a wheat mixed crop?
A. Cotton B. Cabbage C. Jowar D. Mustard Ans-D

128 Generally during summer and kharif seasons annual plants produce bloom in how many days
A. 50-60 days B.60-70 days C. 70-80 days D. 70-75 days Ans-D

129 A.D.P. to A.T.P. change is called
A. Oxidation B. Photosynthesis C. Phosphorylation D. Transpiration Ans-C

130 Which of the following is the cross of Karan Swiss?
A. Hariyana x Jersey B. Sahiwal x Brown Swiss C. Sahiwal x Holstein D. Hariyana x Brown
Swiss Ans-D

130 Which does not match in relation to Cotton?
A. Ranivan– American B. C-520 – Diploid C. G-27 – Diploid D. Vikas– American Ans-A

131 Granite is a …. rock.
A. Igneous B. Metamorphic C. Sedimentary D.None of these Ans-A

132 Mastitis in animals is due to –
A. Virus and Worms B. Worms C. Bacteria and Virus D. Fungi and dry hand milking Ans-C

133 α&β-tubulins are protein components of–
A. Microtubules B. Actin filaments C. Intermediate D. All of these Ans-D

134 Inarching method is used for culture of which fruits?
A. Phalsa and Guava B. Mango and Guava C. Mango and Grapes D. Guava and Litchi Ans-B

135In case of availability of two irrigations for wheat, at which critical stage crop should be irrigated?
A. Late joint and Dough stage B. Tillering and Flowering C. Crown Root Initiation and
Milking stage D. Crown Root Initiation and Flowering Ans-D

136 The monsoon airs in the country reaches at which bank first of all?
A. Kachchh region of Gujarat B. Coastal region of Orissa C. Bay of Bengal region
D. Coastal region of Kerala of South Indian region Ans-D

137 Which species of honeybee is not Indian?
A. Apismellifera B. Apisflorae C. Apisdorsata D. Apisdorsata Ans-A

138 Which is not true in relation to Gram?
A. Origin-North America B. Subfamil –Papilionaceae C. Chromosome NO.-22 D. Acid-Malic and
Oxalic Ans-A

139 How much tomatoes are required for one kg tomato seeds?
A. 200-250 kg B. 50-300 kg C. 300-350 kg D. 160-210 kg Ans-D

140 From where is KrishakBharati magazine published?
A. NarendraDev University of Agriculture and Technology, Faizabad B. SardarVallabhBhai Patel
University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut C. G. B. Pant University of Agriculture &
Technology, Kanpur D. C. S. A. University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur Ans-D

141 Which variety of Barley is huskless?
A. Ritambhara (K 551) B. Geetanjali (K 1149) C. Karan -3 D. Pragati (K 508) Ans-C

142 What is the average annual production of European variety of honeybee colony?
A.8 kg B.10 kg C. 14 kg D. 16 kg Ans-B

143 Approximately how much area in lakh hectares of saline and alkali soils are there in U.P.-
A. 14.4 lakh hectare B. 15.00 lakh hectares C. 12.4 lakh hectares D. 10.4 lakh hectares Ans-C

144 Which elements are useful in energy storage, transfer and bonding?
A. NKS B. NPK C. NSK D. None of these Ans-A

145 Which disease occurs, when more sorghum is consumed?
A. Pellagra B. Rickets C. Scurvy D. Nightblindness Ans-A

146 How much seed per hectare is needed for Berseem?
A. 15-20 kg B. 18-22 kg C.25-30 kg D. 30-35 kg Ans-C

147 Which is the perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass)?
A. Napier-1 B. Pusa Giant C. NB-21 D. Pusa Giant Napier Ans-D

148 Which is not natural factor affecting soil fertility?
A. Parent material B. Topography C. Soil age D. Air Ans-D

149 Which states are the highest & lowest producers of Potato crop?
A. Bihar & Kashmir B. U.P. and Jharkhand C. Gujarat and Assam D. U.P. & H.P. Ans-B

150 Which disease occurs, when more sorghum is consumed?
A. Pellagra B. Rickets C. Scurvy D. Nightblindness Ans-A


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