PAU AAT previous year question paper HAU most important question for bsc agriculture


Agriculture most important question for HAU and PAU AAT

C6H12O6 + 602 —>6O2 + 6HZO shows- (A) Photosynthesis (B) Respiration (C)
Oxidation (D) Translocation of food mate-rials Ans:B
52. How does the supply of nitrogen in grains take place?
(A) From old leaves (B) From plant roots (C) From stem (D) By photosynthesis Ans:A
53. To reduce the crop-weed com-petition, at what stage are the herbicides used?
(A) At germination (B) At tillering (C) At ear emergence (D) After first irrigation Ans:D
54. How much percentage dryweight of crops should be at physiological maturity?
(A) 28% (B) 20% (C) 25% (D) 30% Ans:C
55. Growth of early emerging leavesbecomes faster because of-
(A) Cell division and cell enlargement (B) Stunt growth of plants (C) Faster
Photosynthesis (D) Low pressure of outer atmosphere Ans:A
56. The ideal temperature for mostof the cultivable crops is-
(A) 30°C – 50°C (B) 15°C – 40°C (C) 35°C – 40°C (D) 45°C – 55°C Ans:B
57. Match List-l with List-II andchoose the correct answer from the codes- List-IList-II
(a)Magnesium 1. Cell formation and d
(b).Phosphorus 2.Special function of chlorophyll formation
(c) .Potassium 3.Helping in the formation of primordial
(d).Manganese 4. to influence the organic action of nitrogen and ironCodes:(a) (b)
(c) (d)
(A) 2 1 3 4 (B) 2 3 4 1 (C) 3 1 2 4 (D) 2 3 1 4 Answer:A
58. Which pH range is not suitableto grow the crop
(A) Oats — 5•0 -— 7-5 pH (B) Cotton — 6-0—7•5 pH (C) Bean ——• 6-0 — 8•0 pH (D) Potato —-
4•5•6•5 pH Ans:D
59. What is Azofication
(A) It is also known as composite fixation of nitrogen. (B) It is also known as freefixation of nitrogen
(C) It is also known as nitrogenfixed by Rhizobium bacteria `(D) It is also known as nitrogengain
through rains or snow
60. Which is the hybrid of PusaGiant Napier
(A) Napier x Iowar (B) Napier x Bajra (C) jowar x Bajra (D) Bajra x Iowar Ans:B
61. From where is Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences published
62. How much paddy seed is neededfor transplanting one hectarearea by SRI technique
(A) 30 – 35 kg (B) 1 •— 1•5 kg (C) 5-6kg (D) 10-12kg Ans:C
63. Soldier insect harms which cropmore
(A) Urad (B) Arhar (C) Moong (D) Paddy Ans:D
64. ln which season is the highestyield of Maize obtained
(A) Zaid (B) Kharif (C) Rabi (D) A11 of these Ans:B

65. Seed treatment of which crop isdone by Captan or Cerasan @ 5gm / kg seed–
(A) Cotton (B) Jute (C) Satflower (D) Mondua Ans:A
66. Varieties of Miscavi and PusaVisal are of which crop
(A) Cotton (B) ]ute (C) Oat (D) Berseem Ans:D
67. Which is not prepared frompotato
(A) Farina and Alcohol (B) Paper (C) Wine (D) Acetic acid Ans:B
68. Potato tuber growth is stopped atwhat temperature ?
(A) 40°C — 42°C (B) 30°C — 32°C (C) 35°C — 37°C (D) 38°C – 40°C Ans:B
69. In which state of India is the areaof Coffee maximum ?
(A) Kerala (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Karnataka (D) Tamil Nadu Ans:C
70. How much cloves of garlic isrequired for one hectare
(A) 400 kg (B) 500 kg (C) 600 kg (D) 300 kg Ans.A
71. Which variety of Papaya givesmaximum Papain
(A) Pusa Delicious (B) Pusa Majesty (C) PusaGaint (D) Pusa Dwarf Ans:C
72. At the time of Apple fruit setting,what is the minimum tempera-turerequired ?
(A) 10°C (B) 4-5°C -— 5-5°C (C) 8°C —- 10°C (D) 2°C — 3
0C Ans:C
73. How many days can the Aonlabe kept in salt solution ?
(A) 15 days (B) 30 days – (C) 60 days (D) 75 days Ans:D
74. What is the average temperatureof cow and buffalo ?
(A) – 98•4°F (B) lU0°F (C) 101•5°F (D) 102°F Ans:C
75. ‘Pheromone Trap‘ attracts-
(A) male moths (B) female moths (C) caterpillar (D) female bugs Ans:A
76. Success of rural projects dependsupon-
(A) Agriculture Extension (B) Management (C) Y Soil Science (D) Regular training of staff Ans:A
77. At which height from soil levelare the synoptic meterologicalobservations done ?
(A) 2~0 metre (B) 1-25 metre (C) 2•25 metre (D) 1•0 metre to 2•0 metre Ans:D
78. Evaporation is measured bywhich instrument ?
(A) Barometer (B) Psychrometer (C) Lysimeter (D) Hygrometer Ans:C
79. What is computed by the follow-ing equation?CGR = (W2 – W1) / (t2 – t1)
(A) Relative growth rate (B) Crop growth rate (C) Analysis of development (D) Leaf area
index Ans:B
80. At what temperature does thewilt disease virus grow faster ?
(A) 40°C — 45°C (B) 35°C • 40°C (C) 24°C — 28°C (D) 22°C — 26°C Ans:C
81. Opening and closing of stomatadepends on-
(A) Sunlight (B) Water pressure (C) Transpiration (D) Temperature Ans:C
82. Which of the following is not avariety of seeds
(A) Hybrid seed (B) Composite seed (C) Breeder seed (D) Mutant seed Ans:D
83. Which of the following is not amethod of knowing seed life

(A) Respiration test (B) Embryo culture method (C) Seed dormancy method (D) lndigocarmjne
method Ans:D
84. Drip irrigation is useful in which region?
(A) Dry (B) Humid (C) High rainfall (D) None of these Ans : A
85.Seed plant technique is followed in –
(A).Paddy (B).Wheat (C).Bajra (D).Potato Ans : A
85. The optimum cardinal temparature point for germination of rice seeds is–
(A). 18°C – 22°C (B). 20°C – 25°C (C). 30°C – 32°C (D). 37°C – 39°C Ans :B
86. Chemical formula of pyrite is–
(A). CuS (B). MnS (C). FeS (D). FeS2 Ans :B
86.Asexual reproduction includes –
A. Autogamy B. Amphimixis C. Apomixis D. Allogamy Ans 😀
87. Among the following crop rotations, which is good for increasing soil Nutrient status?
(A). Groundnut-Wheat (B). Rice-Wheat (C). Pearlmillet-Wheat(D). Sorghum-Wheat Ans: A
88. For providing inputs like quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, the agency present at the Village
PanchayatSamiti Level is –
(A). NABARD (B). Nationalised Banks (C). Cooperative Society (D). Insurance Companies Ans-A
89. For waterlogged rice cultivation, the fertilizer that may be avoided is –
A. Ammonium chloride B. Sodium nitrate C. Urea D.None of these Ans-D
90. Where do the female mango leaf hoppers lay their eggs
A. On the dorsal surface of leaves B. Inside the tissue of leaf margin
C. Inside the mid-rib of leaves D. On the ventral surface of leaves Ans-D
91.Prabhat is an early short duration variety of –
A. Red gram B. Black gram C. Gram D. Green gram Ans-A
92.Anemometer measures –
A. Relative humidityB. Wind direction C. Wind velocity D. Net radiation Ans-C
93.TPS technique is related to –
A. Sugarcane B. Tomato C. Potato D. All of these
94.The ratio between marketable crop yield and water used in evapotranspiration is known as–
A.Economic irrigation efficiency B. Field water use efficiency
C. Water use efficiency D. Consumptive use efficiency Ans-D
95. In H.T.S.T. pasteurization, which one of the following organisms is chosen as index organism for
A. S.lactis B. S.thermophilus C. M.tuberculosis D. B.subtilis Ans-B
96.In maize plants –
A. Tassels appear first B. Silk appear first C. Both of these appear at same time D.None of these
97.Damping-off disease of vegetable nursery can be controlled by-
A. Mixing of fungicides in soil B. Solarization C. Seed treatment D.All of these Ans-D
98.SRI is a techniqu used in

A. Groundnut B. Maize C. Wheat D. Rice Ans-D
99.Soil fertility is reduced due to –
A. Poor drainage B. Over irrigation C. Continuous cropping D. Imbalanced use of fertilizers
100.In India,gene bank of wheat is located at –
A. IARI, New Delhi B. Ludhiana C. Kanpur D. Karnal Ans-D



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